RPM Package Manager (RPM) version 5.0.0 released

RPM Package Manager (RPM) version 5.0.0 released

RPM is a powerful and mature command-line driven package management system capable of
installing, uninstalling, verifying, querying, and updating Unix software packages. Each software 
package consists of an archive of files along with information about the package like its 
version, a description, and the like.


·         The Automake/Autoconf/Libtool-based build environment of RPM was completely revamped 
from scratch and as one major result mostly all third-party libraries now can be linked externally and 
in a very flexible way.
·         Support for the ancient and obsolete "rpmrc" files was completely removed, as everything is 
now configured through RPM "macros" under run-time only.
·         The RPM code base was ported to all major platforms, including the BSD, Linux, 
Solaris and Mac OS X Unix flavors and Windows/Cygwin.
·         RPM packages now also support LZMA compression apart from Gzip and Bzip2.
·         RPM is now able to automatically track vendor distribution files with its new vcheck(1) based "%track" section 
and now can automatically download the vendor distribution files, too.

Read the official press release click here.

Thank you,

Ravi Bhure.

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