Posted on 21-06-2009
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Hello Friends,

Many days back, I have configured this storageworks devices of HP and nowadays one of my friend is having like the same issue’s with the os’s to configuring HP storageworks, he has been doing manual driver scan with hp_ltt tool every time when system has been rebooted. Actually there some thing missing with os’s but still this scripts work for him now.

#!/usr/bin/expect  —
# This expect script is useful and working with driver Diagnostic automated tool
# I have tested this over “HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools”
# Please change the option number 10 for rescan as per mention in your hp_ltt script.
# Some older hp_ltt script it has option number 9, so please check once this option.
# If you have any queries about this script please send email on ravi <at> indiangnu <dot> org
set timeout -1
spawn ./hp_ltt
match_max 100000
send — “r”
# Look for prompt
expect “ommand>”
# Send option 1 for hardware scan
send — “1r”
send — “r”
# Look for  prompt
expect “ommand>”
# Send option 3 for continue
send — “3r”
send — “r”
# Look for prompt
expect “ommand>”
# send option 10 for rescan
send — “10r”
send — “r”
# Look for prompt
expect “ommand>”
# Send 1 (exit) from L & TT
send — “1r”
send — “r”
expect eof

Suggestion : You have to run this expect script under the $HOME folder of hp_ltt script.


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