How to build rpm for http with mpm worker (on x86_64)

How to build rpm for http with mpm worker (on x86_64)

Guy’s since I started working on apache, I found that apache is most use ful web technology over network.
Everyone knows that (multi-processing module) MPM Prefork is default included in apache rather than MPM Worker.

MPM Prefork = This Multi-Processing Module (MPM) implements a non-threaded, pre-forking web server that handles requests in a manner similar to Apache 1.3. It is appropriate for sites that need to avoid threading for compatibility with non-thread-safe libraries. It is also the best MPM for isolating each request, so that a problem with a single request will not affect any other.
MPM Worker = This Multi-Processing Module (MPM) implements a hybrid multi-process multi-threaded server. By using threads to serve requests, it is able to serve a large number of requests with fewer system resources than a process-based server. However, it retains much of the stability of a process-based server by keeping multiple processes available, each with many threads.

More information is available on manuals

On RPM based OS’s, apache is default with MPM-Prefork so we will build apache RPM (with default MPM-worker) for our own, don’t know this will be useful or now but will have know everyone with this 🙂

Download the source rpm packages from

[root@testbed2:/tmp]# wget

install http source rpm

[root@testbed2:/tmp]# rpm -ivh httpd-2.2.3-22.el5.centos.src.rpm

[root@testbed2:/tmp]# cd /usr/src/redhat/SPECS

edit httpd.spec with vi editor

[root@testbed2:/usr/src/redhat/SPECS]# vi httpd.spec

find the –with-mpm and enter below config parameter under the –with-mpm

–enable-headers –enable-uniqueid \
–enable-deflate \
–enable-mime-magic \
–enable-so –enable-rewrite \
–enable-http \
–enable-log-config \
–with-libexpat=built-in \

Now find the “mpmbuild prefork”  and replace with “mpmbuild worker”

Now find the “mpmbuild worker” and replace with “mpmbuild prefork”
(you may find this, just few line below)

and most important thing is that you have to comment some lines i.e. (./prefork/httpd -l | grep -v prefork > prefork.mods to done)

find and comment from “./prefork/httpd -l | grep -v prefork > prefork.mods” to “Done” (i.e. just total 8 lines)

Now time to build http with mpmworker for that some dependancies are comes that we will resolve using yum

yum install xmlto db4-devel expat-devel libselinux-devel  apr-devel apr-util-devel pcre-devel openssl-devel distcache-devel

[root@testbed2:/usr/src/redhat/SPECS]# rpmbuild -bb httpd.spec

you have wait for few min and watch whats going on screen ……

your rpm build is created and placed into /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/x86_64

Now install the packages and check with ‘httpd -V’


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