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Manage/Administer NetApp


– To manage/administer NetApp you can use CLI (telnet,ssh, serial port,SP,RLM or BMC), FilerView, the DataFabric Manager (DFM)
software, or the Manage ONTAP Developer SDK software.
– Mount /vol/vol0 (root volume) of netapp storage locally and change configuration
– If you are entering a command with an element that includes a space, you must quote that element. For example,
arun_netapp> environment status chassis “Power Supply”
– CLI History – Scroll back through commands press – Ctrl-P or Up arrow key.
Scroll Forward through commands press – Ctrl-N or Down arrow key.
-CLI help
arun_netapp> help
arun_netapp> ?
arun_netapp> environment help
Usage: environment status
-CLI man page
arun_netapp> man command_or_file_name

* Remotely access the system console  using SP(Service Processor), RLM or BMC –
Login to the SP, RLM or the BMC ( system responds with the SP,RLM or BMC prompt)
Enter the following command at the RLM or BMC prompt: system console
username – naroot
Return to RLM prompt, press Ctrl-D
Return to the BMC prompt, press Ctrl-G

# ssh  naroot@prod-netapp

* ONTAP commands at different privilege levels –

a)  Administrative level –  enables you to access commands that are suffi cient for managing your storage system.
b)  Advanced level –  provides commands for troubleshooting, in addition to all the commands available at the administrative level.

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