Month: July 2018

Openstack and networking Options

Openstack and networking Options

Introduction –

Before we start talking about Openstack and Networking options lets compare few Cloud and there terms..


Openstack AWS Azure
Cloud virtual networking Project VPC(Virtual Private Cloud) Azure VNet (Virtual Network)
Identity Mgmt Keystone AWS Key Management Service Azure KeyVault
Block Storage (Virtual Disk) Glance Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS) Azure Page Blobs / Premium Storage
Object Storage Swift Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) Azure Blob Storage
Shared File System Manila Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) Azure File Storage
DNS Designate Route 53 Azure DNS
Private IP Address + DHCP/DNS Private IP Private IP DIP(Dynamic IP address)
External (NATed IPAddress) Floating IP NATed Elastic IP NATed VIP(Virtual IP address) NATed and PIP (instance-level Public IP address) Directly attached to VM


This document will help you to understand what the are different types of network option available in Openstack and how to use them.