Student Corner

Student Corner

Who is Student ?

Student is used for anyone who is learning. Student could be described as “one who directs zeal at a subject”. Studies form a major part of a student’s life, it will be unwise to be indifferent to numerous other potentials and talents that lie dormant in each of us. The most crucial, yet memorable days of one’s life need the right kind of support and guidance to lead to a successful career and an enriching life. Student Corner section attempts to bring together elements to allow all round development of student life, exploring the limitless possibilities of extra-curricular stimulation, while giving due importance to academic pursuits….

Please refer the below link for more information of various aspects of student’s life…

* Professional Courses ~

* Universities & Institutions in India ~

* Scholarships and Awards ~

* Study Abroad ~

* Ministry of HRD & Department of Higher Education  ~

* NCERT Syllabus for class I to XII ~

* NCERT Text Book online ~

* National Bal Bhavan ~

* Employment news ~

* International Student Exchange & Study abroad  Resource center ~
* Computer Seminars and Topics ~

* Allumini listing ~

Batch Mates – an alumni service for Indian students.

Bombay Scottish Alumni Association

IIT Madras Alumni Association – Welcome to the Official IIT Madras Alumni Association website. Keep in touch with alumnae, students, faculty and the Institute. Do register and spread the word.

Education -The most comprehensive on-line information service on Indian higher education. Database consists of more than 1500+ Institutes offering courses in Engineering, Medicine , Management and University education.

ManyQuestionsFree Exams for Microsoft Certification, FAQ, Code sample, Interview Questions and much more on VB, SQL,JAVA and C++.

e-GuruCool Nice site for school going students.

Class of the future. Cool hangout for studentsThe youth portal for education,chat,youth,sex,dating,colleges,universities,scholarships,health,fashion, campus,store,discounts,contests,competitions,career,exams,academics,students,medical,engineering,computer training, classes,online education and more

* eLearning ~
If you have any useful links/resource or information etc please share with us….


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