– my first anniversary!! – my first anniversary!!

I am glad to inform you all that today is my first anniversary!!. We have successfully completed one year of social contribution in open source and free software movement. I am very much sure that our existence and contribution is recognized and encouraged by many open source and free software contributors (gurus). It was simply impossible without your support, contribution and hard work. In past one year the number of contributors are grown from 1 to 25!!. This is one of the achievement we have added in our treasury. I am very thankful to all contributors for there contribution, dedication and keen interest.

We started with blogging, sharing our knowledge, ideas and even problem!! also. This is helped us to learn new technologies, problem solving skills and many more things.

What next?
Now it time to think about what Next? What we want to achieve in next one or two years? how we will grow? what we should? and many more things.

For next one year we will continue with blogging and sharing our knowledge, at same time we have to encourage more people to join our community and grow day by day!! I am sure that you are agree to me and wiling to support to archive this goal.

Our focus will be on openLSM– open source or free software project. We have to start actual coding and release beta version of openLSM by end of this year. I am expecting more from all of you. I hope that you will put best effort to achieve this target!!!.


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