Does your past impact your future?

Does your past impact your future?

Have you ever think about this question ? One and half year back Nirav (Nirav Mehta, Chief mentor of Magnet Technologies) introduced me to Landmark forum. Before completing this forum , I am also thinking that the past alway impact your future and whatever you are today is because of our past!!. Now I know that my past doesn’t impact my future and who I am today is not because of the past but because of future and the possibilities I have created for my future. This possibilities and action I am taking on, will decide who I am today!!

So you might thinking how this is possible? Let me give you same small example,they give me one and half year back to convince me. Suppose when parent told to children that they are going to Goa for 2 days trip. What will be the natural reaction of children? The children will be very happy before going to Goa. So it does indicate that the children are happy because of there future, which is that they are going to Goa. And after two days, when they are on railway platform to return back to there native hometown. What would be the reaction of children? You can easily guess about what they were thinking and about there feeling. Now I think you have clear idea about this question? right!!

Think on it and create new possibilities for your future. So that you will be powerful and you can deal your life powerfully!!.

Thank you,

Arun Bagul

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