PHP-Java Bridge – compilation, installtion and configuration

PHP-Java Bridge – compilation, installtion and configuration

Introduction –

PHP-Java bridge is the third party extension for PHP by which we can integrate PHP and Java. By using PHP-Java bridge extension you can access Java clasess etc from within your PHP code. We have used this PHP-Java bridge to integrate our  website with ICICI-payment Gateway.

The PHP-Java bridge is an optimized, XML-based network protocol, which can be used to connect a native script engine, PHP, with a Java. It is more than 50 times faster than local RPC via SOAP, requires less resources on the web-server side, and it is faster and more reliable than communication via the Java Native Interface

How to install and compile PHP-Java Bridge –

As I mention that PHP-Java Bridge is third party extension of PHP. you can download source and rpm/debian packages from here…

PHP has three types of Extensions

1) PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository)

2) PECL (PHP Extension Community Library) and

3) Third party extension like PHP-Java bridge and PHP-clamavlib

* you can install PHP-Java Bridge extension either by compiling from source or via rpm/debian packages. Here we will consider all this methods.

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3 Replies to “PHP-Java Bridge – compilation, installtion and configuration”

  1. could please give detail explanation, how exactly should install php java bridge,. currently our system confiturion is IIS server, windows 2003 operting system, php5.2.5 and php-java-bridge 3.2.1 version. i double click the test.bat file , it provided the ext, java, test.php files. i copyed the php_java.dll and JavaBridge.jar files into php/ext/ folder. and restarted the my sever. it gives the 502 error. please give the details what are the nessary changes , i have to do in php.ini. file

    thank you.

  2. Hi, I am also integrating our site with payment gateway, for this reason i have to implement Java-PHP bridge .Since you have already worked on it,I would want to know some information.
    Currently i have downloaded jdk-6u20-linux-i586 & tar it. Now while running phpize command i was not able to locate it.

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