Month: April 2009

WebSVN 2.2 best tool to browse your svn repository

WebSVN 2.2 best tool to browse your svn repository


Recently we started development work on  openSLM. As per our plan we will complete  openLSM web server  customization within two months from now…

So I installed Subversion and WebSVN latest version to serve by purpose. WebSVN 2.2 is one of the best tool to view or browse your subversion repository on web  by using  WebSVN and apache or any other web server. you can  download WebSVN from here

Requirement – webserver (apache) + PHP + subversion repository

1] How to configure –

Download the WebSVN as mentioned above then place the downloaded source in apache htdocs where you want.
Go to include directory where you will see one file like config.php.dist something like that rename that file
“config.php” and just modify few parameter as listed below ….

//////////////////  arun ////////////////////



* above “openlsm_webserver” is my repository name and “/home/subversion/openlsm_webserver_apr2009” is physical path of
svn repository

2] How to enable  authentication ~

In old version fo WebSVN (I guess 1.6 ) authenication per repository  was not possible (as I remember). Now WebSVN 2.2 version  you can configure WebSVN to use the Subversion authentication or access file to control access via WebSVN + Apache based authentication

$config->useAuthenticationFile(‘/path/to/accessfile’); // Global access file
$config->useAuthenticationFile(‘/path/to/accessfile’, ‘myrep’); // Access file per repository

* That’s it all you need to use this wounderful tool to browse your svn repositories….

Thank you,
Arun Bagul