openlsm-0.99 released

openlsm-0.99 released

Dear All,

We are pleased to announce that the openslm-0.99 development platform released on 10th Jun 2009. We are sure that  all contributor’s of openlsm and community will start coding for openlsm…

* Please don’t forget to test openlsm and give your valuable feedback/suggestion!

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Download openlsm ~


What is openLSM?

openLSM is web-based control panel designed to make administration of website, GNU/Linux and Unix based operating system easy! openLSM handles all aspects of administration in its interface. It is free/open source software under GPL.

How to install openlsm ~

step 1) cd to the source directory

   ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/openlsm
    ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/openlsm --with-mysql=/usr/bin/mysql_config --enable-internal-pcre
    --with-geoip=/usr --with-ldap=/usr 	

   make install
step 2) openLSM is using 'openlsm' user and group. please create system user and group and set homedir
    /usr/local/openlsm or 'prefix' value. Confirm ownership/permission of '/usr/local/openlsm'
     directory after installation.

  addgroup --system openlsm
  adduser --system  --home /usr/local/openlsm --shell /bin/false --gid <gid_of_openlsm_group>  openlsm

step 3) How to create a self signed certificate for SSL/TLS

 dd if=/dev/random  of=/tmp/random.dat bs=1024 count=1

 $ openssl genrsa   -out  /usr/local/openlsm/etc/openlsm/ssl/openlsm-certificate.key
    -rand /tmp/random.dat 2048
 $ openssl req -new -key /usr/local/openlsm/etc/openlsm/ssl/openlsm-certificate.key
   -out /usr/local/openlsm/etc/openlsm/ssl/openlsm-certificate.csr

 #generate certificate
 $ openssl x509 -req -days 365 -set_serial 1 -in
   -signkey /usr/local/openlsm/etc/openlsm/ssl/openlsm-certificate.key
   -out /usr/local/openlsm/etc/openlsm/ssl/openlsm-certificate.crt

step 4) please check permission, ownership of /usr/local/openlsm directory and file
        path in openlsm.conf  configuration file...

start openlsm with script in  contrib directory…

./contrib/openlsm start

URL ~ http://<server_name_or_ip>:4050/ or


enjoy !!

IndianGNU & openlsm

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