IndianGNU.org is the open source community started by Arun Bagul with other colleagues/friends Nilkanth Parab, Ali Asgar, Nishit Shah, Ameya Pandit, Yogesh Nikam (all from Magnet Technologies) ,Ravi Bhure , Santhosh T and Arun Bagal on Nov, 06 th 2006.

IndianGNU.org is an open source or free software movement of Indian programmers, developers, students, software professional and users to contribute to globle open source or free software movement. It’s main purpose is to make software simple, easy to use, cheaper so that Indians can use it in every apects of life. In short IndianGNU.org is Indian inspiration of Global GNU!!


* In April,2007 IndianGNU.org started open source project openLSM, which is hosted by sourceforge.net. for more info click here…

* Special thanks goes to Nirav sir (Nirav Mehta) and Ashok sir (Ashok Karania) for inspiring all of us for starting the open source community and giving full support!!

Thank you,



3 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi Ravi,

    I did see your website!!!! You and your friends did fantastic job . It was always been my dream what you people did. I would like to join you, will you allow me to??

    Take Care

  2. Hi Arun / Ravi

    Great Yar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arun / Ravi u done a good job. Fantastic. Your site is usefull for linux users. I m proud of u gyes. Plz add some linux books referances or downloadable link for downloading that books. Add a section of simple steps for configuring all linux servers.

    Again I wishu u a goodluck for ur valuable work in linux.


  3. Hi Ravi/Arun,

    i heard about this website some time ago,But first time today i open this URL and found some interesting in it.Good Keep it up …

    Inder | SCM

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