Automation using Macro tools

Automation using Macro tools

Introduction – Automation means making the manual work fully automatic. Any (repeating) manual work on computer applications can be automated using some software. Now I am going to explain the usage of macro tools to perform automation….

I found many automation tools are available to write the automation scripts and run to perform the repeated task. On them I found Imacro Player is one of the best automation tool. Imacro tools can help you for easy web automation in effective manner.
This is used for web applications automation. And will not work for windows based application. For windows based Automation Anywhere is the powerful software, which will create macro on windows. It will run fast and accuratly. Automation Anywhere got many features so that macro can work in network too…

** One of the good advantage is we can use imacro with different programming languages with out any problem. Automation anywhere supporst VB, VC++.


Thank you,
Santhosh Tirunahari

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