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PC-to-Phone Service is an Internet telephony service. It connects your PC to any telephone (fixed line as well as mobile) around the world. The calls are established using the IP technology. With this service you can now call your friends and family anywhere around the world, at a fraction of regular ISD charges. The voice transmission is of very high quality.

Net4 in association with Trak Online Net India Pvt Ltd, a licensed Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP), pioneered this technology in India for the retail market. is backed by the reliability and technology competence associated with Net4.

What will I need to make calls from my PC?

* Internet connection.
* Multimedia kit
– full-duplex sound card.
– speakers and microphone (or headset).
* Global PC-to-Phone Calling Card (Phonewala Card).

What are the Advantages?

* Low rates: Up to 80% saving on international call charges.
* Call-on-the-Move: No need to depend on ISD facility telephone lines.
* No Hidden Costs: DOES NOT charge any security deposit, activation fee, etc. You can make calls worth the full value of the Card.

What are the Benefits?

* Latest technology.
* Easy to use.
* Excellent service and support.
* Simple, on-line account administration.

How to Call?

* Buy a calling card from your nearest Net4India branch or online from this website
* Download and install the Dialer – log in using the username and password provided
* Select the destination (country) and start calling!

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  1. From where i bye phonewala software to my pc.what are the charges for local, std and isd calls.

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