Me as a Magneteer!!

Me as a Magneteer!!

I was associated with Magnet for 17 months. It was nice experience working with Magnet.I joined Magnet on 10th OCT, 2006, with around 6/7 months experience in networking and Linux. I learnt a lot during this period in Magnet. I have contributed in all areas related to System, Linux and Security in Magnet Technologies. Mr. Nirav (Nirav Mehta, Chief mentor of Magnet Technologies) who is born leader, he always inspire all the Magneteer, through conducting work shop, seminars very often and frequently. He is one of the leading person in Open Source and Free software community. I have participated in few open source conference in India, and for that Nirav Mehta and kartik Mistry has helped me. The other people associated with me are Vishal Kothari (CTO, Magnet), Nilkanth Parab (ex. Team Leader), Ameya Pandit, Ali Asgar, Jayesh Mewada, Nishit Shah, Bhavesh Vala , Suhail Thakur and Kaushik Kawa. These people are associated with me directly or indirectly. I really appreciate all the people for there support, encouragement and guidance.

What I really impressed in Magnet is the work culture of Magnet, Monday Meeting (MM), Monthly review Meeting (MoM) and Hack Festival. Thanks to Mr. Ashok (Ashok Karania, CEO and MD of Magnet Technologies) for putting wonderful idea of MM. On every Monday at 3:00pm, the Monday Meeting (MM) is schedule and which will go around 1 hour, with presentation by magneteer, appreciation notes etc. I am also thankful to HR (Aarti More, Sarita Hegde and Reshma T) for organizing cultural events, Fun Friday, Saturday Blast, Monday blast etc..

I wish all the best to all Magneteer and Magnet Technologies.

Wish you great future ahead!!

Thank you,

Arun Bagul

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4 Replies to “Me as a Magneteer!!”

  1. Hi Arun, wassup….. hw is ur life is going on. enjoying in YAHOO!, its was a pleasure working with you. my first impression on you was dat ‘ you are very silence , but by the end of the days i got to know d actual arun’
    it was great working with.
    hope to see ur reply

    all the best for life and marriage……


  2. Thanks Arun… v all are missin you, wish you all the very best for your future endevours..u truly proved as a gem of Magnet and i’m sure you will prove as an asset at Yahoo and showcase values and learnings from Magnet that will definitely help you acheive higher altitudes and peak … take care and keep in touch.

  3. Hey Arun How are you ? very true about magnet. even work culture is very good in magnet. and also i enjoyed a lot with working in magnet.

    Best of Luck

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