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perl script to check Bind dns zone files

perl script to check Bind dns zone files

Introduction –

dns-zone-verify.pl is perl script used to check dns zone file syntax! This script verifies both Forward and Reverse Zone.
Internally perl script is using named-checkzone and named-checkconf. Bind dns commands to check zone file syntax.
Script is reading named.conf file to get all zone

* Download – Please download perl script from following locations…


* How to run/use –

root@localhost~# perl ./dns-zone-verify.pl

* Usage: ./dns-zone-verify.pl { –verify }

root@localhost~# perl ./dns-zone-verify.pl –verify

zone myzone_internal.file/IN: loaded serial 2007013101

zone myzone_external.file/IN: loaded serial 2012100527

Thank you,
Arun Bagul