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Showslow is web based interface to collect yslow data. We can use yslow+showslow to get website loadtime and various other details provided by yslow.

This howto explains how to automate website loadtime/yslow testing using Firefox and Perl (Mechanize::Firefox, Firefox::Application module)

* Please download perl scripts and Strawberry perl for Windows-


* Reguirement-

1) Firefox -MozRepl extension to connect to firefox using socket -firebug and yslow extension/addon

2) Perl -WWW::Mechanize::Firefox module -Firefox::Application module *

1] How to create Firefox profile-

root@arunb:/home/arunb/firefox-yslow# /var/firefox-4.0.1/firefox/firefox -CreateProfile yslow /home/arunb/firefox-yslow/yslow_firefox_profile Success: created profile ‘yslow’ at ‘/root/.mozilla/firefox/rjel2s26.yslow/prefs.js’ root@arunb:/home/arunb/firefox-yslow#

NOTE- On Window create profile with ‘firefox -p’ command

* 2] Showslow Setup-

Download showslow and put in Documentroot directory of apache/web server. Then Create DB,Add DB details in config file and type ‘make’ in source directory mysql> create database showslow; mysql> grant all privileges on showslow.* to ‘showslow’@localhost identified by ‘mypass’;

* 3] Now Configure Firefox to submit "yslow" results to "showslow"

Yslow 2.x extensions.yslow.beaconUrl = http://mywebserver/showslow/beacon/yslow/ extensions.yslow.beaconInfo = grade extensions.yslow.optinBeacon = true extensions.yslow.autorun = true

IMP- Please enable following setting in firefox. extensions.firebug.allPagesActivation", "on"

* 4] Perl and Firefox/Mechanize Module –

root@arunb:/home/arunb/firefox-yslow# ./

For more info –

Thank You,
Arun Bagul

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Ravi on 3 January, 2013 at 12:13 pm #

good post Arun

Arun Bagul on 24 January, 2013 at 11:49 am #

If you want to change Ipaddr/port..
then Add following line in perl script

$ENV{MOZREPL} = ‘localhost:4545’;

[…] wrote article “Firefox yslow and Showslow for Website testing and performance” Ref url- The Mechanize library is used for automating interaction with websites and available for Perl, […]

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