NetApp and Storage hardware terminology

NetApp and Storage hardware terminology


Storage systems that run Data ONTAP are sometimes referred to as filers, storage appliances, or systems.
Controller or Storage controller refers to the component of a storage system that runs the Data ONTAP.

* FC HBA for Disk or FC HBA refers to the Fibre Channel (HBA) Host Bus Adapter
that connects the node to the switch or to the disks
* Disk shelf is a unit of the disk subsystem component of the storage system. Disk shelves,
which hold disks and associated hardware.
* LRC (Loop Resiliency Circuit) disk shelf module that keeps the Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) intact during the
addition and removal of disks within a disk shelf.
* ESH (Embedded Switching Hub) disk shelf module that provides a means of managing an FC-AL loop in an intelligent manner,
such that a single drive failure does not take down the loop.
* FilerView graphical user interface for NetApp

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